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Today’s Hetty Forecast: Disgruntled


Hetty’s schedule:

6:30 Bark because breakfast is over, and she wants to be lifted back on the bed, so she can get under the covers.

8:05 Bark because she’s been up for five minutes, and no one has put any clothes on her, and she’s FREEZING.

8:30 Bark because she can see the sun shining outside and needs to soak it up like a lizard.

8:33 Bark because the sun is lying. It’s not warm. She needs to come in because she’s FREEZING.

8:35 Bark because everyone is doing something and there is no lap available for her to sit in.

8:40 Snuggle in for serious lap time. Finally someone hears her.

9:30 Bark because she can see the sun shining outside…

So that’s been my day. What are you guys up to?

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