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The Best Graduation

Spencer and Marie

Spencer and I joking around after graduation. His mother says we never stay serious during picture time. She is absolutely right.

My nephew graduated on Wednesday. I traveled with my niece, Maggie, to North Carolina to attend. I wanted to be there for him when he graduated, but I’m not a big fan of ceremonies. I’m not the person who loves weddings and graduations and baby showers. I have to say though that my nephew’s graduation was different. He had two majors but chose the smaller of the two departments. Being a December graduation, there weren’t many graduates, and in this small department, there were only eleven. Rather than just rush through the diploma ceremony the way they do in large graduations, each student’s primary professor stood next to the graduate and talked about their projects and accomplishments during the course of their degree program. It was so wonderful. Even listening to the stories about graduates I didn’t know personally was interesting. It was, by far, the best graduation event I have ever attended. It made me wish that my nieces had had the opportunity for such a nice ceremony. 

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