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Super Bowl


I like the casual enjoyment of the Super Bowl when my team isn’t playing. There is so much pressure when I really care about the outcome, but this year, not so much. I’m a fan of Washington (I wish they’d change their name), so it’s been a while since I really cared who won the Super Bowl. This year has it’s own interesting twist with accusations of the Patriots cheating. Regardless of how you feel about the New England Patriots, this article is interesting.

So my question is, how closely will the NFL be looking at the footballs in tonights game? My guess is, pretty damn close. Generally, when my team isn’t involved, I cheer for the team that is geographically closest to me. Tonight, I will be breaking that tradition. Other than that, the Super Bowl is a great opportunity to get together with friends and eat snacks. It’s all good. Go Seahawks!

*Image made by Idea go courtesy of Free Digital Photos.

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