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No Carrot, No Stick

Storm with carrot

Storm inspects the carrot. He is unimpressed.

Storm went to the vet recently for his regular shots and vet recommended that we add fiber to his diet since his anal glands weren’t fully expressing on their own. Being the dutiful dog person that I am, I went forthwith to the store and purchased a bunch of organic carrots and brought them home for the dogs. Cory occasionally has the same issue, so I figured carrots all around. Since the dogs are fairly small, I split one carrot between the three of them. Cory and Hetty ran off with theirs like they were the happy, crunch prizes I intended them to be. Storm eyed his suspiciously, as I knew he would. This after all could be the very moment I’ve decided to poison him. He carried it around a moment and abandoned it. The girls greedily went for it. He didn’t bother to defend it.

The next day I tried a second carrot. This time I peeled it thinking perhaps the outer skin was slightly bitter and he didn’t care for that. Alas the result was the same. So I guess we’ll move on to pumpkin for him and let the girls finish the carrots. At this rate, Storm will continue with the same problem he started with and the girls will be constipated. Typical.

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