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Dog Laundry

Hetty's delicates.

Hetty’s delicates.

Because I belong to the special kind of crazy club that involves owning a tiny dog, yesterday I did her laundry. It’s not unusual for me to throw one of her outfits in the wash with our clothes, but yesterday was the first time I’ve ever done a whole load of just dog clothes. To be fair, it was a small load, between small and medium actually, and the clothes are mostly handmade by my sister Joan, who also has a tiny dog. My sister is creative and can make pretty much anything, and I think she makes dog clothes with leftover bits of fabric and remnants she finds on sale as a kind of relaxation exercise at the end of stressful days. This is why Hetty has enough of a wardrobe to make up a load of laundry by herself. Although technically, Cory’s sweater and a couple of Storm’s coats were in there too. After all of the clothes went through the delicate cycle on my washer, I pulled the wool sweaters (yes, I know) and hung those on a rack to dry while the rest went into the dryer. I sent Joan a text with a picture of the clothes on the rack. She responded that she was surprised I hadn’t taken them to the dry cleaner. My sisters know me well, but alas, I have not quite reached the level of crazy that would have me walking into the dry cleaners with a tiny basket of tiny wool sweaters. I will resist reaching that level for as long as I can.

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