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Dear Mr. Sparrow – A Eulogy

Bird Killer

Bird Killer

Dear Mr. Sparrow,

I’m very sorry about your unfortunate demise. I’m still not sure how you kept getting into our porch. We all rescued you as many times as we could, but the inevitable was bound to happen. Storm has had it out for you since you originally got stuck behind the screen. He lives to kill birds and squirrels, and you Mr. Sparrow, were a bird. I hope your family and friends can take solace in the fact that your end came quickly. I don’t think you saw it coming. It was over very fast. Oddly, since your tragic death, no other birds have made their way into our porch. I still wish I knew how you managed it. You were a mystery Mr. Sparrow, and in your own annoying way, you will be missed.

Sadly, (except for Storm)

The Flanigan Family

**Perhaps now Mr. Sparrow is with the first Mr. Chipmunk

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