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A Mighty Eater


Dogs don’t respect birthdays. Hetty doesn’t respect boundaries. For example, she sees no reason why she shouldn’t eat Storm’s food. Unfortunately, Storm doesn’t seem to see any reason she shouldn’t eat his food either. If he had an issue with her eating his food, perhaps he would have stopped her, seeing as how he’s more than twice her size. Had he stopped her, I wouldn’t have ended up at the emergency vet.

Hetty is quite possibly my favorite dog ever. This is saying something, because I’ve had some amazing dogs in my lifetime, including the other two I have right now. I do wish she wasn’t so obsessed with food. In the last couple of weeks, she has overeaten stuffed herself sick three times. Two of the three times landed her at the vet, once for eating chocolate and raisins and the other because the last time she overate, it was too much for her tiny system and she ended up with vomiting and diarrhea. Fun.

So on my birthday, I was at the emergency vet getting subcutaneous fluids and anti-diarreahea medication for my tiny little dog who continues to think she is a mighty eater.

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