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Woohoo, HVAC!

Trane Compressor

Trane Compressor

“Wow, what a compressor!” said no one ever.

April has been quite the month of expenses in the Flanigan household. Shortly after we removed the large maple from the front yard we replaced the twenty-year-old HVAC. The problem with spending money that way is that no one notices. Hardly anyone even remembers what the maple even looked like and it’s not like we have wine and cheese parties around our furnace.

“We went with Trane over Carrier,” followed by clever laughter. Yeah, no. That’s not going to happen.

On the other hand, when Tom of Carmel Mechanical Services turned on the system to test it, the difference was amazing. As my friend Michele said, “Comfort is sexy, good HVAC is important.” She’s totally right and we don’t regret the decision at all. I’m sure we’re going to be really happy with the new air conditioner now that we don’t have the shade from the two giant trees that used to be in our front yard.

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