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I’m a little obsessed with making whistles lately. It started with watching many, many ocarina how-to videos on YouTube and now it’s become a game of how many animals can I manage to turn into whistles. I’m not making ocarinas, because I have no musical talent, and couldn’t tune them without the aid of an electronic tuner. That seems like a wasted purchase for something I then couldn’t play though. Which brings us to whistles, which I love. The sound is low and steady and I really enjoy making them work. I’m playing around with different animals, but there are limitations on both my ability to make figures and shapes that can be used for a whistle. It’s an enjoyable challenge though.

Here is what I’ve done so far:

This was my first attempt at a whistle and I love how it turned out.

This shows the whistle part of the turtles.

These two turtle whistles are ready for firing. Glaze is magical. These white looking turtles will be completely different when they come out of the kiln.

A hippo and and a snail. Hopefully, they will hold their voices through the first firing.

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