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True Love

I found myself eating breakfast alone this morning at the neighborhood IHOP. I had a good book on my phone, so I was happily reading when an elderly couple were seated adjacent to me. He had a pencil mustache of the type that John Waters sports. When the waitress brought their coffee, he raised his cup toward his wife and said, “Here’s looking at you kid.” Then he proceeded to read her the newspaper. His wife had thick glasses and clearly didn’t see well enough to read it herself, so he patiently read through the recent weddings column giving each wedding it’s own flair. He wasn’t reading loudly. It was just for her, but I was so close, I couldn’t help hearing him. I’m so glad I did. His simple expressions of love for his wife were so heartwarming that when the waitress brought my check, I asked for theirs too. It seemed a small price to pay for such a great start to my day.

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