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The Inbox

Too much email

In keeping with my goal of decluttering in January, I’ve been going through my email. I feel that email, like virtually everything else, is subject to entropy. I have inbox clutter from companies that are constantly sending me ads and reminders for things I don’t care about and will never act on. For ages I’ve just routinely gone through my email deleting all the irrelevant stuff, without even opening it, to get to the good stuff like email from friends and family, twitter alerts, and blog notifications from people I follow. This week however, I’ve taken the time to actually unsubscribe from some of that junk mail.

For example O&H Danish Bakery, I love your Kringles, really, really love them. They’re delicious, but I’m not going to buy one every week. I’m not even going to buy one every month. I don’t need you dangling their deliciousness in front of me all the time. I’m trying not to be diabetic over here, but I promise you, I will not forget they exist.

And Paragon, I think I ordered a pair of slippers from you something like a thousand years ago and nothing since. I don’t know why I’ve been deleting your emails routinely all these years, but it’s got to stop. We’re no good for each other.

While I’m at it, Amazon, I’m already at your site practically everyday. I’m either checking my own sales or buying something from you. I don’t need reminders from you that you sell everything under the sun. I got that. Okay. Let it go.

These are but a few of the relationships I’ve severed this week. Breaking up, as it turns out, is surprisingly easy to do. Well, except for Whole Dog Journal. I don’t know how I’m going to get that monkey off my back. It’s really hard to unsubscribe from them. If any of you have managed that one, please let me know how you did it in the comments.

*Image made by Feelart courtesy of Free Digital Photos.

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