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Spring Planting

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I’m taking full advantage of my nephew’s education in plant biology while he’s staying with us. Today, he continued with his efforts in our yard. Many things have been moved. Many things have been planted. Today he put in:

2 Forsythia 2 Blueberry plants 1 Lemon Balm plant 1 Lavender plant 1 Rosemary plant 6 Marigolds 2 Hellebore 2 Bleeding Hearts He also moved a tiny Cedar we found growing under the maple tree.

A week ago he planted Rhubarb and Dill and Radishes. Previously, he moved several Azaleas and a Redbud Tree he found growing next to the two Japanese Maples he found entangled in an old fence. They’re doing fabulously. I’ve been super excited by all this planting, because I love plants, but I’m not a very knowledgeable gardener. As it stands now, there should be something blooming in my yard virtually year round, which is super cool.

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