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I recently read and really enjoyed Curry: A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors by Lizzie Collingham and was surprised to find out that there is no tradition of eating leftovers in India. It makes sense, because in the days before refrigeration, leftovers in a tropical country would be spoiled by the next day. Even though I understand that, the idea of no leftovers is foreign to me. I love leftovers, or what I like to call “lunch,” which brings me to my husband’s lunch yesterday.

He was on his way out the door and wanted to microwave some leftover savory pie for lunch. He set the container in the middle of the microwave and I suggested he set it to the side so it would heat better. He’d never heard of doing that. Kristin and Spencer were there and they had never heard of it either, so I told them about testing out this idea from Life Hacker and it works, so that’s what I do now.

I also mentioned that I make a hole in the middle of the leftovers because I read this food hack from WonderHowTo. That also works. None of them had heard of doing that either, so they suggested I blog about it. So there you go, make a hole in the middle of your leftovers and offset them on the carousel in the microwave.

I like to test out stuff I read on sites like that, so I’ll let you know when I find something that really works.

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