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Annie Fitch is back! As a former cop turned private investigator, Annie hopes never to be in the line of fire again, so she’s expanded her business to include installing security systems. Her best friend, Celia, tells her about Preston Farr, a farmer with a vandalism problem on his family’s historic apple orchard and farm.

Preston’s roots in the community run deep. His family has held the same property in Leesburg, Virginia since the 1700s. Annie agrees to set up security cameras for him and the two get to know each other over the course of the job. When Preston asks her out after the work is done, she accepts.

After all, Annie’s on-again, off-again love affair with her childhood best friend, Ford, is currently off—why should she mope until he decides it’s on again? What she intended to be a fun, casual romp with Preston turns serious quickly when security camera footage starts unraveling family secrets that echo over 200 years of heartache and violence.

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