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It’s election season, so I hear the term outrage bandied about a lot, but what people are mostly talking about is fauxrage. Outrage spurs action. Ways you can express outrage:

  1. Going to a public meeting and speaking to public officials

  2. Meeting or corresponding privately with public officials

  3. Rioting

  4. Picketing

  5. Canvassing

  6. Boycotting

  7. Voting

Outrage does not lead to sitting. The only exception I can think of is if you boycott an online seller. If you can shop on your ass, you can boycott on your ass. If your outrage spurs you to sit on your couch and make angry Facebook posts or angry tweets or rate something down on Reddit, you are not outraged. You are fauxraged. Please keep your fauxrage to yourself. The rest of us are sick of hearing it.

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