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Because War

Our house was built in 1941. In 1941, as you may know, the United States entered World War II, so homes built during the war years have galvanized pipes instead of copper, because all the copper went to the war effort. Fast forward 76 years and all that galvanized pipe is rusting from the inside out. Gross, but hey, none of us are iron deficient.

Yesterday, our friend, Phil, and our nephew, Spencer, began phase one by replacing the pipe that goes from the main into the house. They dug a ditch, pulled out the old pipe, and put in a new pipe. Today it passed inspection and they are filling in the hole.


Waiting for the inspection, contemplating the ditch over coffee.

Phase two hopefully begins in June, when the downstairs bathroom will be removed, all the remaining galvanized in the house will be replaced, and then the bathroom will be rebuilt. Fun!

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