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Are There Any Actual Oranges in This Gelatin?



I recently spent an unfortunate twenty-four hour period in the hospital, but that’s not interesting. Instead, I’d like to address one of the “food” items on my clear liquid diet. The so-called food was orange gelatin. Normally, I would say Jello and other gelatin products are fairly benign. After all, that’s why they serve them in hospitals, right? So I ate some of the orange gelatin and I dropped a tiny piece on my hand. And it stained. In the two seconds it took me to get a napkin and wipe it off, it stained my knuckle orange. Later, when I was finally able to brush my teeth, the entire inside of my mouth was orange. What on earth are they putting in that gelatin? Nothing natural that’s for sure. Should hospitals be serving food with so much dye in them that they stain whatever they touch? Was I mistakenly fed something meant for someone needing contrast dye for an MRI? I don’t know, but it was disturbing. For future reference, keep an eye on the Jello.

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