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An Embarrassment of Riches

You might have noticed that I’m now the Star Trek reviewer for Game Industry News so you’ll be seeing a lot of Star Trek book reviews coming through this blog. Hope you’re fans. Also, one of the joys of loving and reviewing coffee, is that around Christmas, people give you coffee. Mmmm, coffee, the gift that keeps on giving. This year was a big win for me and coffee, so I’ll be reviewing the various beans in the order I received them. I was waylaid for a bit by a bug, but now I’m back on my feet and back to drinking my beloved brew every morning. Although, I’ve got to give a shout out to Mrs. Robinson’s Tea Shop of Kennett Square, PA and my kind brother-in-law, Kevin, and sister-in-law, Karin, who saw fit to give us, among other goodies, a tea bag medley from this lovely little shop along with some local coffee. We’ll talk about the coffee in another post. As for the tea, I also drink a lot of tea, and the medley of various flavors in sachets was really nice. These are high quality full leaf teas and herbal infusions. I confess to mostly appreciating the black teas, which I drank first. They make a very nice breakfast blend of black teas that was really delicious. The Earl Grey was a lovely bergamot flavor that was rich but not overpowering. The darjeeling that was included was just labeled darjeeling, so I’m not sure which of their three darjeeling options it was, but it was really good, light, not too bold, perfect for an afternoon pick me up.


On the downside, I don’t like rooibos infusions, I find there to be something antiseptic about rooibos. To be fair, I did give the the gingerbread rooibos a try, but found it undrinkable. I found the smell unpleasant and nothing in the flavor to make me think of gingerbread. Despite letting it steep for six minutes, I didn’t find it had much flavor at all, but I don’t think that’s the fault of Mrs. Robinson’s Tea Shop. I think I just don’t like rooibos and there is no fixing that no matter how often I’ve tried.

So in the weeks and months ahead expect to read a lot about Star Trek and coffee and anything else that might cross my mind. Here’s hoping this year is better than the last.

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