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41 Degrees? Seriously?


Like everyone else on the East Coast, I’m sick of this weather. Yesterday, my husband took our Border Terrier to be stripped. Twice a year we have her coat done, and since two days ago she was panting in the 70 degree heat outside, it was time. This morning it’s only 34 degrees and the high for today is only 41. We’ve taken her coat so now she’s cold. I put her in a sweater to go out this morning and she was very miffed about it.

Unlike my other two dogs who have a variety of clothing options, Cory has exactly one sweater and one coat and she hates both of them. She would have been fine to go out naked for a few minutes, but she likes to linger and give the stink-eye to anyone walking their dog. It’s hard to give a good stink-eye when you’re shivering. To add insult to injury, I didn’t immediately take the sweater off of her when she came in and instead I took her picture. What is she, a mini pin? Hardly. Cory is a serious dog, and it’s only because she’s so obedient, that she sat for the photo. Look at her dainty little paws. She’s adorable. What a good girl.

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