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Coffee of the Month Club: Peruvian

Trager Brothers Peruvian Organic Coffee

Trager Brothers Peruvian Organic Coffee

The second bag of our Christmas gift from Jen arrived this week. Once again Trager Brothers did not disappoint. This month’s offering was Peruvian Organic. The aroma upon opening the bag was refreshing on its own. Once I started running the coffee through the grinder, the aroma really kicked in as the beans released their oils. Recently roasted, it bloomed beautifully the moment I added water. That’s one of the joys of drinking freshly roasted coffee. Just wet the grounds slightly and watch the coffee rise in a fluffy pillow of joy. So what did I think? Nicely done. The Peruvian produced a nice cup of coffee with a slightly sweet taste and a smooth finish, so there is no need for milk or sugar. Trager Brothers roasted the beans slightly darker than I’m used to with Peruvian beans, but they did a good job of it. I’ve come to learn that different roasters have their quirks. Trager Brothers lean toward dark. Catoctin Coffee leans light, which is the way I’d lean if I was a coffee roaster. Why? Because the lighter the roast, the more caffeine, and I’m all about more caffeine (at least until noon). Then you have Lexington Coffee Roasters, which as far as I can tell, are perfect.

But I digress. Trager Brothers makes a solid product and this Peruvian Organic is another fine example. If you haven’t treated yourself to freshly roasted coffee, you should do so immediately. Trager Brothers is a good place to start, especially if you’re anywhere near Charlottesville, Virginia. You can sample their wares at Higher Grounds. If you aren’t local, you can always order online at the link above.

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