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A New Year


As I sit here on this blustery day in January, drinking coffee, and waiting for the dryer to finish a load of laundry, I realize I haven’t written anything in this blog since Karen died.

Her death was a hard blow, but it’s a new year and time to get back to writing.

The holidays were great this year. I was surrounded by friends and family the whole time. We had our annual holiday beer tasting, this time with elite Belgian beers, and fun was had by all. See the picture above. We also got some nice cheeses from Red White & Blue a local shop that sells fine cheeses, wine, and beer here in Falls Church.

Christmas was spread out over a week. I made two lamb roasts within days of each other so my Irish-heritage husband was very happy. I was happy that I found a rub that takes the gaminess out of lamb. You can find it here. We also got to play Munchkin with two of my nieces and my nephew. Much hilarity ensued. Good times.

We rang in the New Year in Lexington, Virginia with my sister and some friends. We ate at the Red Hen, a local farm-to-table restaurant. The food was delicious and the company grand, which is exactly the way you want to start a new year. Since we were in Lexington, I was able to buy coffee from Lexington Coffee Roasters. I’m drinking a cup of Kochere right now and it makes me very happy.

I hope everyone’s holidays were as good as mine. May this year be better than the last.

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