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My friend, the gifted writer, Megan Morrison, tagged me in the 777 meme after our mutual friend, another talented writer, Kathy MacMillan tagged her. The point of the meme is to post the first full 7 lines on page 7 of my work in progress, starting 7 lines down. So here’s a snippet from Death on King Street, the first of what I hope will be many Annie Fitch mysteries:

“Annie Fitch,” he said as he approached smiling. “What are you doing calling in bodies? I thought you were retired.”

     Annie stood and Stan hugged her.

     Gunnar cleared his throat. “I was just asking her what happened.”

     “Right,” Stan said, pulling out his notebook.

     “There’s not much to tell,” Annie said. I was walking my dog and he noticed the body and started barking.”

This is the part where I am supposed to tag other authors to play, but I follow a ridiculous number of talented writers, so rather than leave someone out, I open this up to anyone who wants to play and has the time and at least seven pages of available text. Enjoy!

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